Rooting Ball

Rooting Ball

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Want to clone your plant but are afraid to disturb your existing plants?

Don't worry – the plant propagation air layer pods are safe for the mother plant and will not cause any damage to spread at any time!



Spread More Plants In Time Shorter



Our Root Ball  improves the resistance of new plants, prevents root rot and gives your cuttings a stronger root system , which is more efficient than normal conventional propagation methods.


  • This technique results in a good-sized plant in a matter of weeks instead of months or years.
  • During propagation, both the mother plant and the new plant continue to develop.
  • There is a minimum of disturbance and no adverse effect to the mother plant.
  • More rapid and stronger root growth reducing the period of propagation.
  • You can shorten the juvenile period of a plant (the time required for the plant to attain it's fruit bearing stage). Additionally, the new plant tends to be stronger and more mature than those propagated by any other technique.
  • Save space and time in attending to rooting trays, etc.
  • Protect environmental resources - Reusable, better use of resources than plastic bags.

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