Wireless Charging Station
Wireless Charging Station
Wireless Charging Station

Wireless Charging Station

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The latest technology gadgets. NO more queuing, instant charge on contact. This wireless charger support all brands it charge smartphone, smartwatch, earbuds simultaneously.  Just enjoy the freedom of fast charing.

Nightstand Mode

Go to bed, put down your Phone, take off your smartwatch and earbuds, you and them need to rest and "charge". Don't worry noise and light, when you wake up next day, everything will be 100%.

Cool Down

Pauchy wireless charger added massive heat dissipation holes at the bottom, further reduce the working temperature. It's safe and won't damage the phone or watch.

Vertical or Horizontal Charging

Charging vertically while watching videos, or horizontally while browsing apps ( TikTok, Facebook,etc.). Easy to use anytime, anywhere, no more Low-Battery Anxiety.



R&D team has engineers a smart chipset to the charger, which can intelligently adapt the current according to the different powers of different devices, making the charging safer. The charger has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, FOD mechanism, multiple protections to prevent overheating, intermittent charging, and stoppage of work.

Attention Please! Prolonged overheating while charging is not only harmful to your device batteries, it may also cause explosion. We deliberately engineer temperature control parts. When the phone is overheated (over 40 degrees), the charger will activate the protection mechanism, automatically cut off the power supply, and charge again after the temperature drops. Charging safety has always been our pursuit.

Dual-coil increases the charging speed and supports horizontal and vertical charging. Anywhere and anytime, FaceTime or watching movies, even with a phone case, the charger will not be an obstacle to restrict your using of phone. 

Please Note:

1. Please put the device at the center of charge area to ensure stable charging.

2. Equipped with a QC3.0 fast charging adapter (9V/2A) to ensure fast charging.

3. Please don't use a wired charger while using the wireless charging station.

4. Charging speed: smartwatch- 1hours 50minutes, earbuds - 2hours 30minutes, smartphone - 2hours - Laboratory data, for reference only

5. Cases made of metal and attachments such as magnets, cards, and grips will interfere with charging.

6. Equipped with 12/13 mini exclusive accessories - Mini Mat, to ensure the phone has a better charging speed. 

7. Due to the overheating protection feature of AirPods, it may periodically stop charging for a few seconds before beginning again. This is a normal occurrence while charging.

8. LED light:

Blue - Charging mode

Green - Full charging mode

Blinking Green - FOD (Foreign Object Detection)

First time power on, the green and blue control lights flash alternately 3s and then go out and go into standby mode.

P.S. Our lights will be dimmed to avoid disturbing sleep, and it will be more energy efficient.

9. Avoid using a thick protecting case (> 6mm) and other attachments while charging your device. Not compatible with the OtterBox Commuter case.


What’s in the box?

1 x Wireless Charging Station

1 x Type-C Quick Charge Cable (1M)

1 x QC3.0 Power Adapter (18W)

1 x Mini Mat

1 x User Manual